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Marylanders Stand with Moral Mondays! Wed August 27th, 4 pm, Lawyer's Mall

On Wednesday, August 27th, 4 pm, at Lawyer’s Mall in Annapolis, Healthcare is a Human Right - Maryland and United Workers will lead a solidarity action with our allies in the Moral Mondays movement in North Carolina. We will rally around Healthcare, Paid Sick Leave, and the Environment in solidarity with dozens of similar rallies across the country!


Beyond Obamacare: Health Care is a Human Right

This article by Tara Culp-Presser appeared in ThinkProgress July 18th, 2014

Obamacare is Not Universal Health Care

This editorial appeared in the Baltimore Sun March 26th, 2014
By Max Romano
The Affordable Care Act leaves some of our neediest citizens without insurance or a reliable source of care
 Mary is single, in her late 50s, widowed and earning about $2,000 a month cleaning bathrooms downtown. She's had no health insurance for the last decade, but she's received medical care when she needed it at free clinics and emergency rooms.

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